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5 (seriously easy) Ways To Boost Craft Show Sales


Are you all signed up for your first ever craft show? Maybe you are working on your second, or third, or sixth one. You are doing everything you can to prepare but are nervous about making money off of your awesome handmade items. I get it!

With about half a dozen event experiences under my belt, I'm sharing a few of them with you as we approach craft show season. Snag this e-book to learn the 5 things I do to help make a show profitable. They work for me and I truly believe they can work for you too.

Sure, it's not about money all the time. However if you do a show, you are invested. Want to make that money back and then some? Enjoy this easy 12 page read on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. A digital download link will be sent straight to your inbox and will be active for 24 hours. Use this guide for personal or professional advice, but please do not resale!

Not only will you get inspired and fresh tips but this e-book also includes a simplified FREE CRAFT SHOW CHECKLIST at the very end! Prepare and conquer, my friends. You know you have amazing items. Learn how to showcase them in a way that might make your next show the best one yet!

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5 Seriously Easy Ways_COVER.jpg