Hello Awesome T-shirt Hoodies


lightweight, soft & comfy! just what a hoodie should be. this isn't a cookie cutter store brand. hello awesome thoughtfully designed these hoodies to uplift your spirit. We also keep printing local & handmade to preserve the highest quality while also supporting small businesses. Hoodies will be available for pre-order this friday, September 1st at 8 am. Here is more information while you wait to snag one (or ten!):

- What does "pre-order" mean? pre-order means that you are ordering before the hoodies are printed. they are not ready yet. this allows more time for you to get in how many hoodies you want, what sizes and what designs. Inventory is not as limiting and you will get exactly what you want!

- When do pre-orders start? This Friday, September 1st at 8am

- How long do I have to order? 7 days. pre-orders close on Friday, SEptember 8th at midnight.

- How much are they? Each hoodie is at the affordable price of $22. This does not include standard shipping fees. 

- What sizes will be available? Are they true to size? The sizes are small, medium, large & XL. They are slightly stretchy but if you normally wear a small, get a small. they do not shrink and are not too tight. please see the manufacturers spec sheet for more accurate details: https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/anvil/887l

- Will I be able to order a hoodie if I miss the pre-order time frame? yes but you will have to wait until the hoodies are listed in the shop. this will not happen until all the pre-orders are shipped.

- i don't live within the united states. can I still order? NO SORRY. ONLY US residents may order through our shop.

To keep in touch with Hello awesome and peek behind the brand, please check us out on instagram @helloawesomeshop www.instagram.com-helloawesomeshop

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